Woodland TV Board of Directors

Access to information in today’s media environment is critical for the healthy functioning of our community and
the sharing of ideas and information helps to build common understanding and common values within a community. Public access community media organizations provide a means for diverse communities to tell their stories, hear each other’s stories, and create new stories together and provide information to the community that is not covered by mainstream commercial media and is an important resource for participating in local democratic policy and process.

For residents of Woodland, Woodland TV is the only way to see local community programming, on-air at cable Channel 21 and also increasingly on our website, for those in the community that do not have cable. Woodland TV connects a wide variety of community organizations, schools and local governments to their constituents and understands the importance of keeping the community informed through such use of the on-air Community Bulletin Board and Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for local nonprofit and community service organizations, including local governmental items of interest.

One of the most important things that Woodland TV does is act as an archivist of local events and happenings. We’re filming our local history for future generations and are making it available on-air and the Internet. We are always looking for folks who want to participate.

Policy Manual