How to Write Using Calligraphy 


 Woodland Television is pleased to present this primer course on the subject of Calligraphy. Presented by calligrapher Dale Jay Dennis, who has nearly 50 years of experience, the presentation discusses the elements of "technique" (how to hold a calligraphy pen) and "form" (the shapes of the characters in any given alphabet). Dale gives direct instruction on forming the letters for his version of an Old English alphabet, and gives pointers for executing other alphabetic forms as well. This program is useful instruction for anyone interested in the art of calligraphy, but, as Dale says repeatedly, the most important ingredient is your own personal practice! Don't be afraid, however. Learning this skill will earn you many accolades for a talent that has become increasingly rare, but is enjoying a resurgence in interest among people in all age groups.


Line Guide layout

Sample Calligraphy Alphabet