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Annual Membership Woodland TV

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Woodland TV

Woodland's Local Public Station


Channel 21 is Woodland’s public access television station. We provide local programming to our viewing community. There are programming and sponsorship opportunities available.


For Woodland

About Woodland

By Woodland



(530) 669-1550

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Some possible show idea include:

  • Your restaurant could host a cooking show or wine tasting.
  • Your non-profit organization could produce programming about their mission and the services they provide to the community.
  • Your distribution center could provide or produce a forklift or other safety video.
  • Your hardware store could offer home improvement courses.
  • Your child’s school could video their science fair, concert or play for airing on our station.
  • As an antique store owner, you can sponsor or produce a educational video series on antique evaluation and buying. Do you have a collection or special interest that you would liketo share with the community? Write, film and produce a videoabout it to show your friends, family and neighbors.
Please contact us if you're interested in helping us showcase the unique abilities of our community.
The promotional possibilities are endless.
Woodland TV is YOUR local television station

Mission Statement

Woodland TV provides the opportunity for our community to speak and share freely


Join Woodland TV 

Woodland TV is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to empower individuals organizations and groups within Woodland to produce and/or
present their own non-commercial cable programs. Local programming reflecting the full and diverse range of Woodland residents, their perspectives,
concerns and interests is encouraged. Woodland TV coordinates training, production, playback and promotional activities to achieve their efforts.
Residents of Woodland and city employees areencouraged to become a member of Woodland TV. As a member, you not only enjoy all the benefits
of a membership, but enable Woodland TV to carry out their mission. Membership in Woodland TV is required to use equipment and use the production studio. You do not need to be a member to submit video program.


Community Bulletin Board

During non-programming hours, Woodland TV maintains a community bulletin board that includes: slides of local non-commercial events, classes, and programs that the community may benefit from.

Contact Woodland TV to post a community bulletin board event. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Benefits of Membership

  • Opportunity to learn video production
  • Access to training workshops
  • Free access to video and editing equipment
  • Free access to studio
  • Free airtime for your production
  • Free placement of your non-commercial announcement on the Community Bulletin Board (Channel 21) and our website



Membership Levels


Personal/Individual  $30-

Includes all benefits ( see membership page 2)


Student                        $10

Includes all benefits plus opportunities for scholarships


Non-Profit                 $100

 Includes all benefits plus a media slide aired a minimum of 3 times daily for a year.


Business                   $300

Includes general benefits, non-profit benefits, plus additional discount on video, studio, and all production services



 Volunteering at Woodland TV

If you would like to volunteer at Woodland TV, here are some of the opportunities we offer:

Video Production

Graphic and Title design, Camera Operators, Film Editors, Talent, Writers, Production Assistants

Special Products

Assisting in fundraising, membership, newsletter, and marketing for Channel 21


We have a limited number of interships. Please contact the Director of Woodland TV This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


   Woodland TV, Channel 21

                           P.O. Box 1352

                             Woodland, Ca. 95776

                             (530) 669-1550